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    tabcmd: format with export, filter with get. How can I format and filter?

    richard jones

      I'm exporting some reports using tabcmd.


      I was pleased that the 7.0.4 release introduced the ability to format page size and orientation. Unfortunately, this appears to be an "export" only function. Similarly, filtering appears to be a "get" only function. I'd like to both filter and format.


      The below commands function correctly, but I can only get half the functionality I need from each.


      tabcmd get /views/TestReport/regions.pdf?RegionName=Western -f "C:/reports/regions-Western.pdf"

      tabcmd export TestReport/regions --pdf --pagesize a4 --pagelayout landscape -f "C:/reports/regions-a4.pdf


      Below is what I would like to do, but tabcmd ignores the filter:


      tabcmd export "TestReport/regions?RegionName=Western" --pdf -f "C:/reports/regions.pdf


      Is there some undocumented switch that I could use (--filter isn't it, because I tried)?