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    Visualizing multiple select data



      This is going to be a silly question, but it shows my ignorance in data visualization space.


      I have results from a survey I conducted, where number of questions were multiple-select items. For example, a question like "What is your understanding of organization <XYZ>?" had 5 multiple-select options.


      in the results, I have an excel file where for each of the 5 options (as in the case above), I have a column for each option. Where the respondents have not selected anything, it says "Unchecked", where they have, it says "Checked"..


      I now want to compare and show how the different responses stack against each other - I'm thinking each a pie-chart showing the various "options" or a bar graph (one bar for each option)...


      How do I make this happen?


      Apologies for newbie question