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    Creating multiple similar extracts

    Sam Bruce

      I have a dashboard created that shows the performance for a given territory.  It blends data from 4 different sources.  I publish the final dashboard to my server for the retail rep to use on their iPad.  Although they are connected via 3G the server performance is slow so I have created an extract for their territory.  The performance is better.  Problem is, how do I go about creating 27 different extracts for the 27 reps?  I don't get the option to change the extract name.




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          If you want to limit the amount of data to just one territory for performance reasons, then you have no option but to publish 27 dashboards, with their own extracts - one for each rep.

          Have you tried user filtering, context filters and extract aggregation? They may not work for you or may not improve performance, but one can only try.