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    tabcmd multiple pages?

      We are starting to use tabcmd to auto create pdf's of web views and email them to users. Seems to work pretty good.


      But is it possible to create a pdf that contains multiple pages of info (shows all the data on the browser)? Our test views get cut off at page one. On the web page you can scroll down thru pages of data.

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          It may be possible, depending on how you configured your view. You probably have a dashboard where users can scroll one of the sheets, but when you PDF the whole dashboard you just get a screen shot.

          In Tableau Server 7 user can manually pick a sheet from dashboard to PDF and it will paginate, but tabcmd cannot do that.

          If you can, try publishing just the sheet alone, not the dashboard, the pagination should work then.


          I found tabcmd PDF exporting functionality quite flaky. Tableau support promised to fix one of the issues I have reported but they haven't got to it yet.