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    How To Manage A Connection of A Large Extract

    Eric Frishman

      Good afternoon Tableauers!!!


      To speed the user interface, I'm working with a data extract.  The raw data source is > 100million rows.  The user always has to filter on a source and destination which significantly reduces the amount of data which is brought to the interface.


      The issue which I'm experiencing is how to create the data extract.  If I have a date parse of today - 3 days, I'm able to populate the information, and then have this connection loaded onto the server to compute.  However, if I want to always have 2 weeks worth of data, how can I create an extract of 14 days (say 50 million rows), and have it load to the Tableau Server?  The query will not run with that amount of data from my laptop.  Am I able to adjust a query in Tablea Server to change the 3 to a 14?


      Thank you!!!