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    Anyone using a viewer license?

    Julia Hennelly

      We are interested in having viewers and interactors on our server.  Are there different licenses for viewers and interactors that can be purchased separately?  Assumption being that a viewer license is less expensive due to reduced functionality?




      All users on Tableau Server must be assigned a license level, even if it is that they are Unlicensed. License Levels control how much access the user has on the server. This is a summary of the differences between Viewer and Interactor license levels on Tableau Server.

      Note: These capabilities are allowed by default with each license level. Additional permissions can be added to specific views, workbooks, and projects.

      CapabilityViewer Interactor
      Add/View Comments
      Create PDF
      Export Crosstab (Summarized)
      Export Data (Summarized)
      Export Image
      Refresh Data from Data Source
      View Tooltips
      Use Color Legend Highlighting
      Add/View Tags
      Keep/Exclude Data
      Open Hyperlink to External System
      Follow Filter Actions to other Views
      Use Quick Filters
      Use Sort Tool
      Select Marks
      Use Pan/Grab Tool
      Use Zoom Tool
      View Data (Not Summarized)
      Pause/Resume Automatic Updates
      Customize and Save View Preferences
      Navigate Date Hierarchies