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    Highlight a dimension

    Alan Kwan



      Just wondering if it is possible to highlight a specific dimension variable with a specific color. For example, my data has:


      Status               Name

      Fixed                    A
      Not Fixed               B

      Waiting                    C


      I want to have just the cell "Fixed" to be green, "not fixed" to be red, "waiting" to be yellow. No colors on A B C.




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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Alan,


          You can do this if the Status and Name columns switch places (though I don't think this is what you want)--but, in case it is...Place Name on the rows shelf, and Status on the Label shelf (change the mark type to bar) and the Color shelf. Then, place Number of Records on the size shelf. Edit the size legend and drag the slider so it is set to largest. Then, edit the color legend appropriately.