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    Things I didn't know... (or things April Hoy taught me!)

    Shawn Wallwork

      Things April taught me:


      • Did you even know there was a country named "Eritrea"? Or that 25 people from this African nation took refuge in Idaho in 2010?
      • Which western city had the most "Passenger Miles Traveled by Public Transit in 2009"? I guessed SF (BART). Nope, it's Salt Lake City!
      • "Unemployment" is by the far the most often reason given for homelessness in Idaho.
      • Women's reproductive rights are seemingly alive and well in Idaho; showing significant improvement since 2004.


      Here's where April posts much of her work:




      Please check it out. Thanks for opening my eyes April! Give me a holler if you ever need any help on your vizzes.




      Ooops: I mis-read the transit viz. April kindly corrected me. Her viz only includes cities of similar size to Boise. Still she's done some interesting work, worth checking out.


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