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    Controlling the Hierarchy Consolidation Calculation


      I have got a very specific requirement from one of our Prospects.

      Please open the Tableau Workbook and go to the Cross Tab Sheet as shown in the Screen Shot below.

      The Field I am displaying below is very similar to Head Count. For the Time Consolidation it has to display the Data of the Last Day. In the below Case I have created a Hierarchy Hijri Time which I have used in the Rows. Since the Prospect is using Hijri Calendar for analyzing his data I was not able make the Hijri Time hierarchy as a Date Time Field.


      I have another Hierarchy Hier 1 in the Columns which should Sum Up for the same Headcount Field during consolidation.



      In summary across the Rows the Head Count Consolidation should display the Last Day Value and across the Columns the Head Count Consolidation should add up.

      How can I achieve this requirement in Tableau?