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    Tableau - Out of Memory?

    jason ricapito

      I'm running into Out of Memory errors in Tableau and wanted to check to see if anyone has run into this issue and figured out a resolution and/or workaround. 


      I'm connecting to a Netezza database appliance and pasting in Custom SQL.  The SQL is grouping and limiting to what I think is a reasonable sized data set, call it 300k rows . The peculiar thing to me is that the Out of Memory error gets thrown within 15 seconds of me pulling a data element over as a measure.  In my experience that is not enough time for the query to execute on Netezza and bring enough data back to fill my memory. 


      I'm sure I'm missing something.  Thank in advance to anyone who can shed some light on this for me.

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          Robert Morton

          Hi Jason,


          This kind of issue can happen when a database driver reports that a particular field (even a simple measure) takes up a large number of bytes. When multiplied by the total number of records, this can add up to an out of memory problem which Tableau can anticipate in advance. The problem here may be that the driver's report for the size of the field may be incorrect, and issues like that are difficult to diagnose. I recommend you contact Tableau Support to begin investigating this issue.


          In the meantime there may be some things which you can do to work around this problem or gather more information about the nature of the problem.

          • Does the Custom SQL statement produce any fields which are binary in nature, such as BLOB or VARBINARY? How about other potentially large fields, such as CLOB, TEXT or a very large VARCHAR field?
          • Can you reproduce this problem if you connect to Netezza via generic ODBC (i.e. the "Other Databases (ODBC)" connection option)?
          • Have you verified that you have the correct Netezza driver? Tableau requires an older version of their driver due to incompatibilities introduced in their newer drivers. The Tableau Support team can help detect if you have the wrong driver.

          I hope this helps,