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    Collapsing down partitions

      Following some of the ideas in a dated thread (http://community.tableau.com/thread/109093), I've managed to put together the attached project.


      I'm ranking universities by their R&D expenditures across a number of years. I'm interested in comparing the average performance of the top X universities (defined as most R&D expenditures) each year to different comparitors. Of course, each year, the top X changes each year.  My project accounts for this through table calcs....and there is a nice partition between those schools in the Top X and those not.  If a school is only sometimes in the top X, they will appear in both partitions (with nulls filling in their duplicate entry).


      Is there any way to "collapse" the top X so I can see the average of this group/partition?


      Cheers for any insight.  Thanks.