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    Expose filter variables for calculation?

    Eric Frishman

      I have a data set which is time based.  That time is on a quick filter so one can do a “within the last n days” which is a cool feature.  The data set itself is simply an errors table with the time of the error (meaning the data has “time holes” and is not continuous.


      What I would like to do is grab the time from the filter variable.  In other words, when a user selects within the last 5 days (or a range), I want to access the parameter variable .start and .end to perform a calculation of the # of days.  The reason this is important is as follows:


      Let’s say I have 1 error which occurred in the last 5 days.  The setting for the filter would be 5 days (today – (today-5)).  If I want to calculate whether a count of errors during the filter timeframe (5 days) exceeds a value (let’s say 10% error  count- so if I have 10 samples a day I’m looking to exceed 5x10x0.10= 5 values ), I need  the filter value since the filtered subset of data would have a time delta of 0 (since the time of the event starts and stops with the singular event).


      Have you encountered this previously or is there a better recommendation?


      Thanks in advance!