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    Relative Reference Line Based on Parameters

    Jeffrey Smith

      Is it possible to create a relative reference line based on parameters or other?

      I have a graph with three different academic periods, registration starts and ends differently for each period.

      I want the viewer to see only the dates relevant for the period viewed.

      I would also like a reference line for the "first day of class (FDC)" for each period, and the viewer should see only the reference line for the appropriate period.


      I tried creating a parameter for FDC but a globalized Academic Period filter doesn't effect which parameter values are available, that I can tell.


      sample twbx attached.

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          Dennis Schoder

          Hello Jeffrey,


          You could create the following calculated field within your workbook:


          IF [Academic Period]="201130"then Date("1/9/2012") elseif

          [Academic Period]="201210"then Date("5/21/2012") elseif

          [Academic Period]="201220"then Date("8/20/2012") End


          When you drag this field into 'Level of Detail', and then change it to 'Exact Date', it will appear in the ' add reference line menu' under 'Value'. Choose Maximum on top of that and then it should work. You might want to customize the filter, 'Academic Period' as well, so that it does not show the field 'all values'.


          Hope this is helpful,