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    Grand Totals

    Nick Zajchowski

      Hi, All. I'm having problems getting a correct grand total for columns. If you see the attached screen shot, I am doing a distinct count (of chdoc_nr, or "tickets written" alias). However, when I turn on the grand total calculation, it does not total correctly, since chdoc_nr can contain multiple "SMC Code Violations" in one chdoc_nr record. What I need to do is have  grand total of the chdoc_nr calculations for each SMC Code Violation. I played around with creating a calculated field, but did not have any luck. Any ideas?

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Nick,


          Grand totals are not necessarily a sum of whatever is the row/column. Rather, they keep the aggregation that is on the measure. Therefore, the grand total of 'tickets written' is a distinct count of all of the chdoc_nr field. The best way around this is to get the desired grand total on a separate worksheet and place the two sheets on a dashboard together. Hope this helps!