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    How do I change a data source without corrupting my worksheet content?

    Chris Ralph

      I have a multi-tab worksheet that I created using an extract and have discovered that the performance is extremely slow.. i.e., it takes 2-3 minutes to update every time a paramter or calculated field is changed.  After reading through some Forum posts I decided to try changing my source data from an extract to either a SQL table connection, or table that uses the internal Tableau database format.


      In both cases (live SQL connection & the internal Tableau table) a large number of my calculated variables have disappeared, and most of the rest have had their formulas changed to contain references to measures & parameters with "copy" added to their names.  The actual content of the original extract file (a .csv file) and both the SQL and Tableau tables are exactly the same. 


      Can someone PLEASE provide some advice regarding either: 1. making a worksheet that uses an extact as the data source run faster, or 2. changing a data source without losing the contents of the worksheet.


      Many thanks!