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    Server Modifications / httpd.conf

      Hello friends -


      We have been asked to try to combine some other simple web applications on the (totally underpowered) box that currently hosts our Tableau server environment.  So on we march.  We have the application up and running on another standalone tomcat instance, but would really prefer not to distribute any more :8080, :7070 or whatever extra port numbers. 


      So, we thought we'd be clever and find the configuration file for Apache that (we thought) we intercepting http traffic on 80 and redirect for our other application; i.e.,


      Redirect permanent /ourApplication http://servername:7070/ourApplication


      Unfortunately, making this change didn't seem to work, and in fact, it sure seemed like httpd.conf was placed in a pretty curious place.  Has anyone successfully co-opted / redirected for this purpopse? 


      Any insight is appreciated!