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    How to perform calculations between fields from different datasources?

    Audrey Wobst

      I am trying to perform a calculation between two fields that are on linked data sources.  My orginial file has data for participants of different groups ("Participants"), but these participants are only a portion of each group's total participants.  I want to calculate the % of total participants that are included in my original data file.  Therefore, I have pulled in the "All Participants" field for each group from another source (although this field was a list of names, so it is now a count.  I want to divide my "Participants (COUNT)" fom the original file by "All Participants (COUNT)" so that I get a % of participation for each group.  I am getting an error message that says I can't perform the calculation between separate datasources and haven't been able to find a workaround.  Does anyone know how to get around this?