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    Dashboard Navigation

    Julia Hennelly

      I have a main dashboard that navigates to other dashboards.  On each dashboard (other than the main) there is a worksheet with an action to navigate back to the main dashboard.  You can see this in the attached pdf of one of the drill down dashboards.  I would like to be able to fix the size and position of this worksheet and I can not work out how to do this.  I want it to be the same size on each dashboard and positioned in the bottom right corner.  Is this possible and if so how does one fix the size and position.



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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Julia,


          The size of the worksheet will stay the same across dashboards. Therefore, if you slightly change the size of the Return to Main Dashboard sheet on one dashboard, it will also change size on any subsequent dashboard. To get it in the exact location will have to be done manually on each dashboard.


          Hope this helps!