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    Previous Year Calculation

    Ahmed Ahmed



      I am trying to calculate dynamically the values for time period. In the attached application, I have a Sales Value and I am trying to analyze it against the year->Quarter->Month and also Date. On the application, I have "Year" as filter. If I select 2011, the sales value for 2010 should come.


      I tried different formulas but non worked. Can anybody help me with this?




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          Fionnuala Gibney

          Hey there,


          I think this should work.


          I created a parameter called 'DateChoser' which allows for text entry, and added it to the sheet.

          then I created a calculcated field called 'ShowYears' which checks to see if the year in the data is the same as the year in the DateChoser or the previous year, if so, then it shows a value of 1.

          Then I put that DateChoser (as a Dimension) into the filter and selected values of '1' to be shown.