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    How does Tableau Cache works with Database Level security ?

      I wanted to know how Tableau behaves with respect to cache in below scenarios

      I have two scenarios...



      Scenario 1


      The option "Refresh more Often" is selected on the server.


      There is a data level security implemented, which will ensure the user who is accessing the view will see only his data. User 1 and User 2 has access to a same set of data. If User 1 logs in Tableau will cache the view and query as per default settings.

      When User 2 logs in (given the fact that user 2 has access to same data set) ) will Tableau again fire a query to the database or will it get the data from the cache ? Secondly how does Tableau knows before making a query to the db if the user 2 has same data set access ?



      Scenario 2



      The option, 'Refresh Less often/Use Cache' is selected on the server.

      IF I have the same question as above, how would Tableau behave ?



      Any insight on this would be highly appreciated. We are in the process of setting up our 7.0 Server against Teradata database with data level security and want to understand how the cache/security works.