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    Extremely slow

    Mark Rees

      Can anyone help?


      I just downloaded a trial and have immediately run into problems.  I have windows 7 x64, and 64 bit drivers connected to a remote Greenplum database. 


      The first problem was Tableau would not connect to Greenplum, even though I could connect to Greenplum in OBDB, Excel, PowerPivot, pgAdmin III and Aginity Workbench just fine).  Tableau gave an driver mismatch error, so I had to go download 32 bit drivers for GP. 


      This enabled me to connect, and I also tested the 32bit connection in ODBC and pgAdmin III and everything ran well.


      In my tests, I picked a very small table (~5000 rows) and GP retrieves them in milliseconds (in the other tools).  However, when I use the live connection in Tableau, this runs several MINUTES. 


      What is going on?  I cannot find any other comments on this.  Even the "View Data" takes at least 3 minutes (compared to <1 second in the other tools.


      Any ideas?