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    Filters affecting primary group creation

    Jessica Cha



      I have a workbook with many sheets/dashboard using 4 global filters. (Field 1,2,3,4).

      Also I have a secondary database that I bring into link certain codes and I create the primary code from this.

      however, I noticed that if I have data like the following (simplified to only use one global filter - field 1):


      Field1           Code(linked to both database)

      1                    111

      1                    222  

      1                    333

      2                    444

      2                    555

      3                    666    

      3                    777

      3                    888

      3                    999    


      and the code mapping sheet looks like the following:

      Name           Code(linked to both database)

      Adam                    111


      Jenny                    222



      Michael                 333

      John                     444


      James                  888

      John                    666    


      With the global filter [Field1=1] applied, I will only see the following in the code mapping sheet.


      Name           Code(linked to both database)

      Adam                    111

      Jenny                    222

      Michael                 333


      And if I create the primary group from the Name column, it would only contain those 3 names with 3 codes.

      It is easily noticeable when I have a small data like this, but when I have a very big data set, it's not easy to see that this is happening.

      So in order to avoid this problem, I have to get rid of all the global filters, create primary groups, and then put the global filters back to the sheets.


      Along with my suggestion on automatically updating the primary groups when the secondary databases are updated, can you also take above into consideration and make changes please?


      Thank you!