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    Change oracle data connection with alias in Tableau Server

    Budy Sugianto


      My user wants to change their workbook's data connection in Tableau Server. Tableau Server Administration menu has Data Connections feature to change the workbook's data connection. But since the oracle database has alias name in the connection, how to store the alias name in Tableau Server Data Connection?

      When user change the workbook data connection in Tableau Desktop, it works but it don't work at Tableau Server.

      Please advise.


      Thank  you.

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          I assume that the problem is with the alias for the database name, not an object in database. If that is the case, then it all depends on how the connection is configured on each computer via the tnsnames.ora file. It could be that the database in question has different aliases on user's desktop and on the server machine.

          The options are:

          • find out what the alias is on the server and use it
          • change Oracle client configuration (tnsnames.ora) to match the alias on user's desktop (or vice versa)