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    Automation Testing

    Michele Martone

      I don't want to resurrect this old thread, but I have the same question:



      I am looking to see if there is a way to automate testing of tableau tables and graphs.  I would like to give tableau static data so that I know exactly what tables and graphs will be produced.  Then I would like to assert that the values in the tables are correct, and the plots and data points on the graphs are correct.


      Does anyone currently do this and have tips or tool suggestions for me? 


      Can someone from Tableau Software chime in on how they test the software?



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          Nathaniel Fitzgerald-Hood

          I was just pondering this today. With regular updates it's great, however now we have a growing set of vizzes the ability to test results after upgrade is becoming necessary. The only solution I have currently is exporting CSV data (from server) and using that to check for known values. Alas, that doesn't really cover the need as well as it needs to.