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    Specify Page Layout with tabcmd v7

      In version 6 I set up subscriptions using tabcmd get to download views and have them emailed with febooti. If I used get on dashboard, it would print it as a single page pdf. If I used get on a view, I would get a pdf that automatically broke the view into as many pages as necessary. In version 7, if I use tabcmd get or export on a view, I get a single page pdf cutting off the remaining pages. From the server, if I hit export and I do not specify a paper size, I get the same thing. If I specify a paper size, I get all the pages of my view like I used to in version 6. The problem is I cannot figure out how to specify paper size with tabcmd. IS there another way to do this or a way to specify paper size for export or get in tabcmd?