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    How can I make a calculation that changes depending upon the date hierarchy?

      I am attempting to normalize employee hours in a workbook.


      If an employee worked more than 40 hours in a given week I want to have a field that "normalizes" the hours worked while still maintaining another field with the actual hours.


      I got through the normalization calculation by using


      if attr([RD Budget Region]) = "Israel" and total(sum([Quantity])) > 42.5



      elseif total(sum([Quantity])) > 40







      This calculation works when I am drilled in at the "week level" on the date dimension that I am using on my columns shelf but I would like to "normalize" to 160 hours when I am looking at months, and 2000 hours for a year.


      Is there any way to have the calculation behave differently based upon the level that I have drilled into within my date hierarchy?