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    How Dynamic column selection in one Table  will filter data in for a particular column  another table

      Summary Table

      Product Channel1Channel2Channel3Channel4Channel5




      Detail Table

      Detail Table

      Product Sub Product
      ProductSub Product





      As shown in above Figure , We have a Summary report where we are displaying all the sub products of different Channel  for a particular product.


      Now the requirement is if we select any particular sub product like SP1,  then in detail report it should show all the Sub product  of next channel like Channel2 as shown above.

      If we select SP141 which is in channel4 then in detail report it should show sub products of channel5.


      Using filter action we are able to do for any particular fixed channel like for channel 1 or channel2 or channel 3.

      But not for any dynamic channel .

      So that in what ever channel we will select sub product  in detail report we will get sub product of next channel.

      As per my findings we can apply filter only to a particular column not for multiple columns which will filter data in another table.


      Is there any way to achive this.