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    Distance and Radius circles

    Julia Hennelly

      I have a similar but need a little more information on the Viz which is not working quite as expected.  I am trying to show where associates currently live (zip code), the office they currently commute to (path should be shown in blue) and the path for their new commute (could be one of 3 sites). 


      Taking it further I need distances for each commute and be able to show percentage of employees where their commute increase is less than a variable percentage.  Ideally rings around the new site with percentage of associates within 5 miles, 10 miles, 20 miles etc.


      So right now I am at stage 1 and do not seem to be having much luck with that - only way I can think to show current office and new office is to annotate the map???


      I am a novice user so calculating distances - not sure how to do that.  I think I need latitude and longtitude which I have on another spreadsheet so can bring that data into the data set? 


      Can anyone point me in the right direction for examples of similar ideas.  I will keep searching the forum which seems to have a ton of information.


      I am attaching a packaged workbook of where I am at if anyone feels like pointing me in a direction!