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    Tableau 7 - cascading,merging,Drill functionality

      Hi All, We are trying to develop a POC using Tableau 7. I am new to this tool. Had following questions in tableau 7:

      1.     1) Cascading Prompts:

      ·         If there are two levels of hierarchy , the filter for both the objects will be applied to the report. If we want to have the filter of the lowest level and not at the highest level, how do we detach the filter at the higher level

      o   For Eg : Product Family – Business Unit, we do not want the filter on Business unit, but the while entering the values it should appear cascading in nature.


      ·         we implemented the cascading prompts, it works but visually they look  like the normal prompts , but selection of one will be dependent as other. Is there any way to change the format so that we have levels while showing the prompts?


      2.   2) Joining the custom SQL to a Table: We have scenario where in we are joining time dimension (custom SQL) with a fact table with a common field : Wk_Id. When we pull columns like week_name from custom SQL and measure field from fact. The measure values appearing same for each week selected.

      3.   3) Prompts (list of values): we have to restrict the report data to be refreshed for past 26 weeks. So to enable this we created a custom SQL including the logic to evaluate past 26 weeks.  We are able to use this object , but when we try to use this along with measure field of another table we are facing issue. Is there any other way to create the LOV’s (list of values) for the object.

      4.       Prompts : Objects from different query (Build and Forecast) prompting one time. How to achieve the same.

      5.    4) Data Blending:

      Created a custom SQL (derived table) for the Time dimension (PV_FISCAL_DAY_TO_YEAR), then established a join to the main fact table using "EDIT Relationships" using a common field . When I pull a field from custom sql(fiscal Week Name in this case) and measure value from the fact table , for each week the value of build actual is same. Say we give the filter for 4 weeks for each week the value of build actual is displayed same.

      6.   5) Drill -custom hierarchy

      Created a custom hierarchy for ORG-Product Family . This does not appear in presentation mode.

      We created a hierarchy , (Product family -> Org : is the custom hierarchy ) We were able to see the following + sign when we are not in presentation mode. When we click on the + mark the report drills down. But on the presentation mode we are not able to see the + sign

      1.   6)How can we merge the objects in Tableau. Merge dimension in Business Objects.?

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Ashwini,


          I will answer your questions as best I can--in the future, it may be better to split a post like this into several questions (that way your more likely to get responses!).


          1. There is only an option for a filter at each level. Depending on what is selected in the highest level filter will determine the rest of the view in a downward manner.


          2. If you haven't already, I would recommend referring to the KB article: http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/custom-sql-join


          Perhaps you have the wrong join?


          3. I'm not sure I understand exactly what you mean by this.


          4. Would you be able to post a workbook (twbx file)?


          5. The +/- signs will be on the actual view. When you hover to the right of the start of the dimensions, the signs will appear.


          drill down with presentation.png

          Hope this helps a little bit!