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    Add dimension/metric without adding to underlying data source

      Followup to this discussion http://community.tableau.com/thread/113200


      Example situation:

      I have an (attached) excel spreadsheet containing Orders and Customers data.  I connect data into Tableau, join both tables by customer_ID and find MAX order value for each customer (attached in packaged workbook). My task is to use this Max Order value on customer level as a dimension for further analysis.


      Therefore I need to export table containing customer ID and Max Order value as a new list into the source excel, connect Tableau again and join this table with original customer table to get a table where each row represents one customer and his max order value (example in “final joined table“ in attached spreadsheet). Then I use Max Order Value as dimension.


      Is there a shorter or easier way to do this please?

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          Michael Cristiani



          Not sure if this is what you want, but here is one approach:


          Connect to customer sheet.

          Left join orders to customers on [Customer ID]

          Make sure [Customer ID] and [Order ID} are dimensions; if not, drag them to the Dimension list.

          Duplicate the [Order value] field Drag the copy to the Dimension list.

          Drag the copy to the Row shelf then right click and change its aggregation MAX([Order value (copy)])

          Drag [Customer ID] to the Level of Detail shelf

          Change the MAX([Order value (copy)]) to a dimension

          You should have a discrete list of maximum order values, one for each [Customer ID].


          Is this what you had in mind?



          Michael W Cristiani