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    How to create a Date parameter based on user click on a line chart?

      Can I create a date parameter based upon user click on a line chart? If I have a line chart of total sales, and the user clicks on a certain point on the chart (say 31 Dec 2011); can I create a parameter showing the date range between today (say 31 Mar 2012) and the clicked point on the chart - that is 3 months?


      In a dashboard I want to then use that parameter to show the top 5 sub items that sold within that date range (of 3 months)


      I would also like to show the trend line for those 5 sub items if possible!


      Rationale: If you see a big change or an inflection point on the total sales chart, you may want to know what are the subitems that has changed the most between that date and today.




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          Andrew Watson

          You won't be able to do this using a parameter as parameters unfortunately can't be populated dynamically based on other values. It sounds like the easiest solution to what you want to do would be just to create a quick filter using the Sales Date - although this would hide the non selected dates.


          If you need the non selected dates to remain visible then you'll need to keep the chart worksheet of your dashboard and Top 5 piece separate with regards to sharing (making global) the date filters. In other words use the date filters on the dashboard that reside on the Top 5 worksheet.


          If this doesn't make sense or I'm over simplifying things then please post a workbook.