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    Settings of hidden and renamed fields are lost when refreshed

      I'm a newbie to Tableau.  Dumb question: How can I refresh the data without having my renamed fields reverting back to the column names in the tables?


      Background:  I am loading a multi-million row data warehouse into Tableau.  It has one fact table and 20 dimension tables and the dimensions get used by 63 connections from the fact table (e.g. ship_from_id and ship_to_id in the fact table points to the address dimension).  Every time I refresh the data all the settings of hidden and renamed fields are lost.  It is a lot of work to rename these 200 fields.  How can I keep their new names and/or drop the hidden field data (so it won't take space) when refreshing the data?  (It also asks me to regenerate the data when I make these changes but I cannot find a "Regenerate" button and it is the "Refresh" button that causes me to lose my work.)  This problem seems similar to this one so if that is fixed I'd like to know its solution.


      Thanks in advance,