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    Tableau Server - Viz started displaying "TableauException" error when it wasn't before

    Nick F

      I have a number of visualisations published to web pages, each viz with its own reference and subsequent code.


      Following the Server and Desktop upgrade to 7.0.3 some of the visualisations were returning exception notices (see attached).


      What I do know:

      * The viz record was not changed in Tableau Desktop prior to, or after the upgrade (nor were many other viz's like it)

      * Some Users could see the viz from different networks (although theirs could have been cached, I can't confirm)

      * Only when the viz was re-published did this appear to fix the error, but we cannot be sure because neither the code, the viz record were changed.

      * Server is running as a single instance (no Tableau secondary servers)

      * Tableau Desktop is hosted on another box


      Looking at the error message it suggests the problem is related to Server owing to the file structure in the message.


      I welcome input on this issue and how to fix it.