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    Applying sort to view in dashboard causes entire dashboard to gray out - works fine in client

    Leigh Fonseca

      I have a dashboard containing two worksheets: a bar graph and a grid with details on what's in the bar graph. The bar graph view is set for "Use as Filter".  I have also added Quick Filters from the bar graph, set to Global, for Dimensions that are the same in both views.


      The grid layout (view 2) has the two dimension hierarchies in view 1 as well as additional dimensions and then a few measures from a blended data source.


      From the Desktop client, I am able to use View 1 to Filter View 2 without any problems.  I am then able to select a measure in View 2 (from the blended data source) and sort in asc/desc order.


      I published the dashboard to the server and now when I try to sort from View 2, the entire dashboard goes gray.  Also, the Revert All option is not available at this point.  It is also grayed out.  Has anyone else had this problem?