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    How tableau make use of Teradata partition

      I am new to tableau. From my search , I found that we cant pass parameters to Custom SQL  for filtering data from Database itself. It seems like it fetches all data from Database to tableau environment and  then it will apply filter. In that case how  tableau make use of Teradata Partition to  improve Perofrmance?

      Say I am creating a dashboard , that deals with tables having huge number of records and those tables have partition on client  ID column

      .In our normal scenario(not tableau)  we usually pass clientID to SQL and hence it will make use of partition elimination concept and performance will be fast.

      My  understanding is in  tableau we cant pass parameter to SQL/Database, it will fetch data for all Client ID (eventhough  it is summary results) and then it apply clientID  only in tableau environment.In that case ,  will it impact the first run of Dashboard performance?How  we can handle this kind of scenario? Can you please suggest