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    grouping groups

      Hi All,


      apologies if this has been answered elsewhere or there is an appropriate tutorial i have missed but is it possible to group groups?


      My situation: i have a list of applications in a DB:

      application 1

      Application 1

      aplication 1

      Application 2

      App 2

      Application 3

      application 3


      So first i have to create a group to get all the data in order so have: Application1; Application2; Application3

      I want to then group these into their support group, so:

      Application 1; Application 2 = Support Team A

      Application 3 = Support Team B


      Can anyone enlighten me on the best method to do this please. I know i could create a calculated field using IFs but it is really unmanageable due to the amount of applications and the variable ways they have been entered.


      Thanks for your help folks, sorry again if i should know better