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    Filtering multiple data sources

    Meng Hui

      Hi all,

      I want to do the filtering for multiple data sources. Will it be possible if I want to use global filter from one data source on different data sources? For example, the global filter (Order_ID) is from data source A, then I want the global filter to filter the data from data source B and C. Data source B and C also contains the Dimension Order_ID. Does anyone has any suggestion? If possible, I don't want to use parameter for the filtering.


      My another problem is to filter data through action. For example, in Worksheet 1, I have a pie chart that display the percentage of sales by different sales method (data is from data source A). Then, in Worksheet 2, I have a map (from data source B). Then, when I click one of the sales method in the pie chart, I want the map showing which location is using the selected sales method. I was stuck because the map data source (B) don't has the sales method dimension, so I cannot do filtering. Anyone has the solution to solve this problem?


      I would really appreciate if someone can help me. Thank you very much.