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    Transitioning from Excel to Tableau

    Malia Hardin

      When I joined Tableau a year ago, I was so excited about the product, but wasn't entirely sure where to dig in. I spend a lot of time talking with clients about how they use the product, but needed a place to get my feet wet. I turned to some analysis I had done in Excel and started re-doing it to get my Tableau sea legs. It made a huge difference. I was comfortable with the data and had a rough idea of where it might lead. Not surprisingly, along the way I experienced the power of Tableau - I re-created the work in record time, found nuances I hadn't seen before, and it looked way cooler.


      What types of things have you been trying out to transition from Excel to Tableau?

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          Carson Dallum

          I recently joined a medical informatics consulting team, and we've been prototyping some new analytic reports for a client.  Due to the size of the data sets and a requirement that the reporting be portable, the current reports are built using a combined Access/Excel platform.  Although this worked well in the beginning, the reports have limited interactions and are very inflexible to changes.  We've shown the client some ad hoc analysis using Tableau, and they were very impressed.  I'm now building a prototype to replace the old reports.

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            Craig Bloodworth

            Hi Malia! I just wanted to quickly tag on to this conversation an interesting series of blog posts which Tom is in the middle of writing on the transition from Excel to Tableau and how the functionalities are shared and translated across platforms. Hopefully they'll help people coming from Excel get started with Tableau.


            Part 1 – Recreating the pivot table

            Part 2 – Calculated fields

            I myself found the best way to aid transition was to ban the use of Excel for anything other than shaping data. During the first months of Tableau it was far too tempting to just dive in to Excel and quickly add a new calculation in the environment I understood. By forcing myself to use Tableau I learned very quickly and still only use Excel to sort out the raw data.