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    Time as measure- Cycle Time Charts

    Matthew Brown

      We record cycle times for the change over on our machines in our plants.  It is in this format

      12:07:59 AM


      Which is basically a 7 min 59 sec cycle time.  In tableau, I cannot get it to recognize these times as a measure.

      We rank performance of machines/plants in terms of cycle times/splits. I'd like for Tableau to recognize this format- but it does not. Our end users are accustomed to this format.


      Does tableau support this data type? I can't seem to figure out a way to make it work.





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          Richard Leeke

          The problem comes down to the distinction between a datetime (which represents a particular point in time) and a number which represents a duration. You certainly can treat a number as a duration and you can format it so that it displays in HH:MM:SS format with a bit of trickery. Essentially for display formatting you need Tableau to think it represents that duration after the start of it's time system.


          Essentially you want to express the cycle time as a number expressed in fractional days, and then set a custom number format as hh:mm:ss.


          Depending on your data source and how are the cycle times are represented there that may require some calculated fields. If you can post a small sample workbook I'll show you what you need to do.