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    Help with Duplicate Rows

      I apologize if this questions has been asked.  I looked through several posts and couldn't find the answer.  I am sure it is an easy one.


      I have the following set of data:



      I need it to look like this:

      Voice Final10 10
      Data Final52 7
      Other Final4 4
      Total192 21


      But it is looking like this which is not what I want.


      I think I have two issues to deal with:

      Problem #1 Only distinct SDR_ID must be counted.  Duplicates are not allowed which is why the 23 is showing up.


      Problem #2

      SDR's Service need to be counted.  Voice will always supersede other services.  And Data will supersede Other. 

      Voice > Data > Other.

      Therefore if there is an SDR with two records (see figure above example A) with Voice and Data, the count has to go to Voice.

      If an SDR (see fig above example B) Data and Other, the count has to be on Data.