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    How to shade non-working hours in a Gantt chart?

    Mike Balfour

      I'm trying to create a chart showing when various software builds are broken, and when they're successful.  This is for consumers of the builds, so "success" or "failure" is the period from when a build has ended (and has become available for use) until the next build ends.


      I believe I have a visualization (attached) that shows this.  However, the data is only important during working hours, so it would be nice to shade non-working hours (nights and weekends) so that the state of the build when people aren't around isn't shown as equally relevant in the view.


      How can I shade / hide / recolor the areas of non-working hours without hardcoding a ton of reference areas?


      I also have some other bonus questions that aren't as important, but since they're broken, I'll ask anyways:

      1) Right now, the graph filters by start/end dates.  It only shows the state of the builds starting with the first build that completes after that start date.  Anyone know how to "bring in" the state of the build for the last build prior to that date range?

      2) I also made a pie chart view showing % of time with successful builds.  I think it's showing the correct angles and colors, but I have no idea how to make it correctly show the aggregate percentages as labels.  Anyone know how?

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          Mike Balfour

          I still haven't figured out how to shade the non-working hours, but I've solved bonus question #1 and part of #2.


          1)  I changed my filter to only filter out "end date" records that occur after the time period, and not before.  For before, I created a calculated "timeline end date" that takes the max(end date, range begin date).  By using that field everywhere, what happens is I get a bunch of records of 0-length duration that effectively get ignored, but then the last one prior to the time range "lives" and stretches out to correctly display the status at the start of the time range.


          2) I definitely have the correct angles now, and I've also created a bar chart that shows the correct percentages.  Hoewver, I still haven't quite figured out the way to get the total percentage per status to show up anywhere.  The tooltip still just shows the calculated percentage per build, and not the overall percentage for the status. I turned on cell borders to help show what's going on.