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    Can not start trial after I chose to start later

      I downloaded Tableau Server and installed it on a Win 7 HP laptop with no problem.  When it came to the option to select "start trial now" and "start trial later", I chose to start trial later.  Afterwards, I wanted to actually start the trial.  I can't figure out how to do that.  When I run the server, it says there are no licences and quits.  I tried running the installation code again and it says to uninstall everything first ... that is my backup plan.


      Is there a quick way to start a trial after electing to delay the start?




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          Here is the reply from support (below).  By the time I got this, I had already reinstalled the software, and that worked as well.



          Thank you for contacting Tableau User Support.  Tableau Server will not allow access without a license - even the trial.  To activate the trial, please launch the manage Product Keys dialog - the request to activate the trial will display and allow you to start the trial as desired.




          Kent Wright

          Tableau Software