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    Counting distinct parent companies (Window_CountD?)



      I have created a pricing matrix for companies based on the number of cylinders the parent company holds and that company's total gas spend (screen shot attached).


      I did this using the fields "Total Cylinder Gas" as colums and "Number of Cylinders Held" as rows, as defined below:


      Example- Number of cylinders held:

      IF WINDOW_SUM(SUM([Gas Revenue])) > [Cylinder Partition 4] THEN "E (HIGH CYLINDER COUNT)"

      ELSEIF WINDOW_SUM(SUM([Gas Revenue])) > [Cylinder Partition 3] THEN "D"

      ELSEIF WINDOW_SUM(SUM([Gas Revenue])) > [Cylinder Partition 2] THEN "C"

      ELSEIF WINDOW_SUM(SUM([Gas Revenue])) > [Cylinder Partition 1] THEN "B"




      I then drop the field for parent company in the level of detail.


      I would like to count the number of distinct parent companies in each part of the matrix to represent the size of the bubble. Ideally, I would create a table caculation somethign like Window_CountD (CountD (Parent_company)). However, there doesn't appear to be an option for this...


      Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.