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    Graph quantity sold by number of stores

      Attached is a screenshot of what I am trying to replicate to display in a slightly different manner.


      On the X axis of the graph you have a CustID, which is our unique value that represents a customer.  On the Y axis you have a quantity of product sold.  I want to somehow replace the CustID, which is a dimension, with a number.    We want to be able to look at three different product categories and see how the sales distribution breaks out. 


      For instance, we want to see how much quantity Store 1 is selling, how much quantity store 2 is selling, how much quantity store 3 is selling.  I am running into a few issues.  The second screenshot shows the problem that I am running into.


      I want to be able to graph all three product categories on the same graph.  we have 500 ish stores with the product in them.  so i want the x axis to be numbered 1-500 and then graph the quantity sold accordingly with no regard to the actual CustID, just the numbers 1-500.  because 1 store could be selling a lot of product X, but less of product Y than another store is selling.  I want all three product categories to be in the same graph, that are decending in order.


      This is a very hard problem to explain, and I hope that the screenshots help communicate it better.


      Please let me know if you need more clarity, which is very possible!