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    Tableau consuming too much space in Windows user profile

    Richard Leeke

      This is something I've raised before - but we've just had a new scenario which made it much more painful than usual, so I thought I'd air it again and see if others are hitting this. If so, maybe we can generate enough noise to bump it up the list.


      The default location for the Tableau repository is under Documents and Settings, in the user profile. The default location for temporary files is the windows TEMP directory which (in some cases at least) is also under the user profile.


      Various things can cause both the Tableau repository and the temp directory to get very large. At a client site where I'm working at the moment, there are a couple of system management policies which make that a real pain.


      The first policy is a very low limit on allowed user profile space on desktop and laptop machines. This is enforced by the Microsoft profile quota utility (proquota.exe) - which prevents you from logging off if you have exceeded your quota. I believe the main rationale for this is to keep the size of the profile manageable (profiles are roaming, so need to be copied to and fro to a file server on every logon and logoff). It's a real pain to have to go rummaging around in the repository and TEMP folders to find what needs to be deleted when you need to log off in a hurry.


      The second policy, which just bit us very hard a couple of days ago, is that there is a similar policy about the space used by non-roaming profiles on shared windows servers, though this one seems to be enforced ad-hoc by manual intervention when administrators receive low disk space warnings. We are running Tableau on a server like this via Terminal services. A couple of days ago we suddenly lost all sorts of configuration settings for everything we do on this server. Long story short, an administrator responded to a disk space alert by identifying that there were hundreds of MB taken up in user profiles, so simply deleted all of the profiles from the server (even though I was logged on at the time). Apparently this is standard practice. I spent a lot of time yesterday working with the server admins to get everything restored - hopefully the restore completed successfully overnight.


      It turned out that the big offenders on space usage were left over dump files in the log directory of the Tableau repositories for a couple of us who use that server (doubled up by having run the beta on that platform too) - and also large numbers of left over temp folders in our temp directory. Simply adding custom geocoding is enough to take the profile over the quota on my laptop at this site though.


      I've hit this several times in the past, and have relocated my Tableau repository out of my profile - but it seems to revert to the default location when reinstalling (maybe only on a major release, I'm not quite sure - I just know I've moved it a few times but it always seems to end up back in the profile). It would be great if installation always honoured the previous location. I've also had a bit of a go at relocating my TEMP directory, but I'm fairly sure I ran into into being set at logon time by group policy, so gave up.


      Is it just me, or do others have these sorts of problems. Anyone found smarter ways of avoiding it?