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    How to embed login credentials into URL

    Mingzhe Bian

      I have the username/password to access the related views and projects in Tableau Server through the web interface.

      I want to embed login credentials into the URL to avoid inputting them manually,  sth like


      But it doesnt work. Can anyone help with this?


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          Russell Christopher

          There is no built-in mechanism to pass a username/password on the URL as doing so gives "bad people" a super-duper-easy way to hack into Tableau Server itself. As a hacker, all I'd have to do is "sit on the wire", watch requests go to Tableau, and I could harvest everyone's usernames and passwords. Scary stuff!


          You might want to read up on Tableau Server's ability to do Trusted Tickets authentication. You could essentially tell Tableau Server to "Trust" whatever other security mechanism is authenticating your users (I assume you have one).  If you don't have another mechaism to authenticate users before they get to Tableau Server, there's not too much you can do.


          Good luck!