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    coloring the bars to show differences

    Rina Bongsu-Petersen

      I'd like to use color to show % difference between two bars.


      As you can see, the summary file (summary.xlsx) has numbers, the bar graphs show %.

      I'd like to color the second and the fourth bars to show % difference from the previous bars (first and third).

      Eventually, it''ll be like sample.jpg but with 4 columns (2nd and 4th columns are colored to show % differences)

      My workbook is attached.


      I know I can do this easily if my data is in  % but I can't figure it out with numbers.


      Thanks for your help!!!!!!!!!!




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          Jonathan Drummey

          I don't think you can do this (though I'd love to be wrong!). There's only one color shelf for Measure Names, so all the Measure Names can only be dependent on one calculation, which can't really be broken down by a different % difference for each measure value.


          Also, your data is not set up properly to do this. You'd need to reshape your data so Admit and Apps are both values of the same "measure value" column, where each row would also have a "measure name" column that would have values of Admit, Apps, Gender, Admit, Deny, Incomplete, etc. Otherwise every single one of those measure columns adds another axis to your view.