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    date blending problems

    Kevin Lee



      I'm working with a number of different data sources which are blended by time. Datasource2 has the 'main' table including the field 'sales', while datasource1 has the field 'cost'.


      In the attached tableau file, I've blended two data sources together. In Sheet 1, you can see that costs for B in Jan is 35, while in Feb is 308. However, if you look at Sheet 2, which is effectively the same information but this time with a date filter, costs for B when filtered on Jan are now 343, and also 343 for Feb. 343 is actually the total for Jan and Feb, so this means that the filter isn't working for the 'cost' dimension.


      The date filter is from Datasource2. I can't use the date filter from datasource1 - if I drag it to the filter shelf, it only gives me the options of 'count', rather than 'month' etc.


      Is there a way around this problem - ie, recreating Sheet 2 without the weird results for 'cost'?