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    Calculation - Urgent

    shilpa g
      # of Release Management Tickets
      % Adherence98%99%



      I have a column which contains, ticketstatus. Open, Closed, Accepted, In pgress, Resolved etc. I am filtering only open and closed tickets as per requirement.


      I have Month(open_time) on my column shelf and countr(number_of_tickets) on rwo shelf.


      1. I need open and closed as side by side bars , not the stacked bars. (  have placed tcikets_status col on color shelf)

      2. I need to calculate % adherence . Means , Count(closed_tickets)/count(open_tickets)*100.


      Please let me know how to achieve this as i m new to tableau and trying to figure out.


      Kindly respond.


      Thnks in advance.