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    Can't publish my workbook with my custom sorting dataorder

    Emre Kartal

      Hi ;

      I found another bug in Tableau 7.0 . If you try to sort one field from dimension and use in Quick Filter, everthing seems good, but when you try to publish it to server, you will see that your sorted fields change their orders to "DataSourceOrder".

      If you extract data and publish it, it will work fine.But, In Tableau 6.1, you don't need to be extract data for sorting.

      %70 of my customers are working with msSQL, and they don't like this feature. They said that they would return to Tableau 6.1.

      They need to extract all of their data even for one dimension sorting, and this will takes a space on their local machine and server.


      Anyone knows the solution for that case?

      Is there any opportunity sort our data and publish it to server without extract data?